Try New & Exciting Things

This is perfect spot for open air yoga and meditation and learning about the properties and usage of various rare medical herbs.


You can also enjoy the walks in the reserve, swim in crystal clear Fresh Spring River, enjoy farm produced fresh fruits and veggies, food prepared in traditional Ayurvedic way (prepared by my mother Kamma herself). 

Try open air yoga 

Practice open air yoga and meditation in the garden and the spots made near spring to rejuvenate yourself in the abundance of untouched nature all around you. All you will hear are the melodious songs of the exotic birds from the jungle and clean your lungs from the fresh air of the Himalayan foothills. 

Special classes on request are also held into the jungle  for

a complete natural experience.

Learn about herbs
(Ayurvedic herbs)

On the farm we have set up a herbal garden in where more then

100 varieties of rare Ayurvedic herbs. Here you get an opportunity to learn about the properties of various Ayurvedic herbs and also their usage to treat and heal yourself naturally.


Our herbal garden promotes natural healing and eliminates the use of any kind of toxic chemicals (allopathy). organicfarm.


All classes are held by the professionals and are offered free of charge.

Walk in the nature during sunrise

There are various nature walks at the farm which are lead by Jag. It covers the entire farm land and the neighboring farms and communities, walks into the park and alongside spring rivers.


You can explore the surrounding areas on foot away from mad rush of the city in a very pleasant and peaceful environment.

Enjoy jungle safari

Jungle safari on the jeep, deep into Rajaji National park. Spreads in 820.20 Sq.Km on both sides of river Ganges. Rajaji National Park is a very rich bio-diversity park. More than 500 elephants, 22 tigers, 250 panthers and good prey base including spotted deer, sambhar, wild boar, barking deer, goral two kinds of bears Himalayan black and sloth, and over 400 bird species makes Rajaji National Park a perfect wild life and bird watching destination.

Each safari is for 3 hours approx. and can be done either in the morning or evening as per choice.

Full day trips

If you are on a tight schedule and still want to feel the vibes of the village, you can book the day trips at Nature Care Village, which includes Transfers, Nature and cultural walks, Organic Lunch and much more...

We also organize short treks in the Himalayas , ​the treks are done to the waterfalls and other exotic spots away from the hustle of the city, into quiet and serene surroundings.