Surrounded by Himalayan peaks and spring rivers ,The wellness centre ​at Nature Care Village offers a wide range of ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatments in an environment that promotes natural healing process. The quality of the excellent personalised and individualised care we provide has been our top most priority from the very beginning. 

The wellness centre offer an extensive and compassionate doctor's consultation, pursued by a rejuvenating course of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies which is delivered by a team of highly trained Ayurvedic experts and therapists. Precise complementary or curative programs as per your requirements and comfort can be arranged at our Treatment Centres. We offer tailored detox, beauty and herbal treatment programs as well as Ayurvedic Panchkarma , as well as Naturopathy Treatments that are the ideal choices for those embarking on a newly health-focused lifestyle.


 Ayurveda Centre Provides:-

  • Ayurvedic & Naturopathy Doctor's consultancy.

  • A complete assortment of traditional Ayurvedic/Naturopathy treatments and therapies including Panchkarma, Shirodhara, Abhyangam.

  • All kinds of Ayurvedic massage and Indian head massage.

  • Post-natal treatment and care.

  • Natural beauty treatments including facials, milk baths, makeovers and body packs.

  • Weight-loss, body contouring and slimming programs.

  • Ayurvedic steam treatment .

  • Ayurvedic pharmacy and herbal medicine prescription.

  • Lifestyle coaching and training for leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

  • Yoga and meditation courses to enhance the health of mind and body.

  • Coaching in Ayurvedic cooking classes and nutrition.